Booking Lessons with Instructors

To book a lesson with a specific instructor use the scheduling calendar located on the instructors profile.

To book a lesson on the instructors profile:

  1. Click the instructor on the Home page.    

2. On the Instructor profile page, you will see a calendar where pricing and other details are displayed.
    You can reserve a lesson using the calendar.   

       3. From the Choose a Lesson drop-down list, select a lesson. For more details about a specific lesson you can click the lesson name on the instructors profile.
       4. In the Choose your Date area, select the date when you want to take the lesson. Dates that are shaded green have lessons available for booking.
       5. From the Time drop-down list, select the time you want to attend the lesson.
       6. From the Number of People drop-down lists, select the number of people (adults, children, and seniors) who are attending the lesson. The maximum number of people able to attend each lesson will be listed above the drop-down lists. If you want to pay for multiple students using different credit cards you will need to checkout multiple times.
       7. In the E-Mail field, enter a valid email address and click the Reserve Your Lesson button.

Note: If you are taking other people along with you, you have to notice the maximum number of people allowed to take the lesson. If the people coming along with you are more than the maximum number, then you should select another lesson with a higher maximum number or checkout again with a different instructor to accommodate more students. 

  1. In the Sign up for lessons page, enter the required information. If you are taking one person with you, enter the first name of the person in the specified filed. The name fields are optional but will make your experience more personalized.

        2. Click Submit. The lesson details page is displayed where you enter the required information.

        3. Enter your billing information on the next page to complete your booking.

Note: Students who have not already signed up will receive an email with a login URL, user name, and password to their account after booking a lesson.