Updating Student Information

When creating your account, you have submitted your information. You can update the student information by modifying the existing information or adding some more information.

To update student information:

  1. From the Sign In drop-down list, click Students.

        2. In the Sign In (Student) page, enter the e mail ID and password and click Submit.

The Update Student Information page is displayed.

In the Referral Information area, your referral code is displayed. Real Sports Now helps you generate income by distributing links to http://www.realsportsnow.com with your ref_student_id attached to the URL.

For example, if you like to link any page of the Real Sports Now, you can add the referral code at the end of that URL.

       3. In the Your Profile area, update the fields you like to and click Submit. If you are updating info other than the password it is OK to leave the password fields blank to keep your existing password.